Acrylic Clear Eyelash Tray

Acrylic Clear Eyelash Tray

Acrylic Clear Eyelash Tray

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Acrylic Clear Eyelash Tray is can show 4 pairs eyelash. It has lid to protect the eyelash. It enough space for eyelash, and it easy to be cleaned by water. 


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Tinya Crafts is dedicated to provide the first class quality products and service to our customers. Our mission is to help you exhibit and sell your product with low cost, high quality acrylic displays. We have complete set of equipment for acrylic products, imported sawing machine ( tolerance can be controlled within the smallest range), 4 large laser machines provide quality laser cutting for areas of up to 1250 x 2500mm or in some cases even larger depending on the material or product being cutting and the placement of the artwork; 6 Trimmer machines, 4 drill machines, also have high ray CNC , 1.25x2.5m oven, and diamond polish machines for higher requirement.

We offer the following services within our facility for machining & fabricating your parts:


·  Laser cutting

· Acrylic tapping

· Acrylic Vacuum Forming

· Acrylic strip heating

· Jointing

· CNC routing

· Sanding & painting

· Drilling

· CNC routing

· Laminate & Cementing

· polishing

· Silk-screen printing, laser engraving,Uv printing, hot foil stamping

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If you interested in acrylic eyelash tray, please contact us. Thanks!

Contact person: Cherry Lu

Wechat: 008613316894195


Skype: tinya-sales03

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