Acrylic display rack making method

- Sep 13, 2018-

Acrylic display rack making method

Acrylic display frame design comes from artistic conception. Acrylic display frame design concept mainly adopts realistic method. According to the actual needs, it is necessary to consider the aesthetic design of the display frame as well as the actual use.

There are several ways to make an acrylic display stand:

1. Acrylic display rack production method - hot pressing method:

After the acrylic sheet is heated, it is hot pressed in an acrylic processing mold. The acrylic display frame made by this modeling method has fullness, smooth curve and strong stereoscopic effect.

There are advantages such as embossing.

This method of making acrylic display frames requires strict splicing and sharp edges and corners. Using this method to make acrylic display stands, the effect of the finished product is strong and has a seamless effect.

3, acrylic display rack production method - hand pinch method:

The acrylic heating is directly formed by hand. This processing method requires different methods in the production of the acrylic display frame, and different materials form different modeling styles. This acrylic processing method is mainly applied to the special design of the small parts of the acrylic display stand.

4, acrylic display rack production method - paste method:

After cutting the acrylic sheet into a certain shape, it is pasted on the console. This type of method is the most commonly used method in the production process of acrylic display racks. The general display racks are all made of acrylic glue. The specific sticking methods for different acrylic display racks are also different.

5, acrylic display rack production method - enthusiasm method:

The acrylic is processed into a certain shape and heated to form a hand by hand. This acrylic display frame production method requires that the composition of the acrylic display frame is well-established, and the movement is quick and in one go. The acrylic display frame made by this method has the advantages of unrestrained lines and simple and generous image.

The above several acrylic display racks can be used in a staggered manner, and the best method is selected according to the requirements of the acrylic display frame design.

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