Acrylic jewellery display frame design requirements

- Jul 06, 2018-

Acrylic jewellery display frame design requirements

The most important thing is the choice of materials. Only when you choose the right one can you consider the next choice. In the current market, the materials used in the production of display cabinets mainly include acrylic sheets, environmentally-friendly boards, special fire boards, and crystal plates. After comparing them, we will find that acrylic sheets and environmentally-friendly boards are widely used in these materials. Plexiglass Acrylic Display Stand To incorporate the visual system of corporate culture. Choosing a color that is consistent with the visual system of the corporate culture enables the acrylic display stand to be effectively integrated with the corporate culture and integrated into the corporate visual system.

Jewelry display racks are used to place valuables such as jewelry, jade, jewelry, watches and other small bodies. How do these exquisite luxury and valuable goods show their charm through the jewellery display stand?

When making a jewelry display rack, you should use materials to avoid weaknesses and use the charm of the material itself. First, you can use the bright reflective properties of glass to refract physical properties; the second is to use the chemistry of the luminaire; the last is to use the surface layer of the lacquer; the color, shape and performance of the three materials are used together to show the jewels. charm.


Adding brilliance to the details, the jewellery display rack should be selected with the same high-environmental paint, smooth feel, uniform color and good gloss. In the internal structure, the hardware fittings should be perfectly combined. Stainless steel in the kicking foot protects the showcase, prolongs the service life and improves the appearance.

Exquisite jewellery and the perfect production of details can fully display the unique charm of the jewelry, create a good atmosphere for the jewelry store and attract the attention of consumers.

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