Acrylic processing industry common sense

- May 18, 2017-

The past two years, domestic acrylic plate due to the quality of a more stable, reasonable price, has been recognized by the domestic acrylic process industry, market sales soared. However, the acrylic plate of retail price below 15 yuan / kg, all are the recycled materials ,so its performance can not meet the national standards.

The recycled materials investment is small, basically is small workshop type production, small scale, simple equipment, so regardless of appearance or internal quality, and new material products can not match.But because of low prices, the rapid growth of the market, product demand, acrylic manufacturers in the pursuit of production when the neglect of quality standards, product quality problems, such as lack of board size, thickness tolerances, surface dust and debris, surface scratches, bubbles and other obvious.

This requires suppliers to learn more about the relevant information, timely grasp of the market problems solving methods, in order to better serve customers, sales should pay attention to the following aspects:

And acrylic process industry related new material, acrylic sheet national standard (GB7134-86):

First grade: <5mm: ±12%-20% ≥5mm: ±10% 

Second drade:<10mm:±12%-40% ≥10mm:±10%

Deformation temperature:750℃-84℃

Standard specific gravity: 1.19±0.02

Acrylic Product include: acrylic cosmetic display(for false eyelashes(for false eyelashesbrush holder, lipstick holderetc.) acrylic electronic accessories display , acrylic photo framea, acrylic chair, acrylic table, acrylic soap dispenser

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