Acrylic Desktop Organizer

- Jun 08, 2018-

Why Choose Our Acrylic Desktop Organizer?


1, LARGE CAPACITY, our acrylic desktop organizer is hexagon shape, center is a acrylic tube, so it has 7 compartments. That means this acrylic desktop organizer can store 7 types office supplies. If you put that in your home, office or school, it is a best solution for sorting your rulers, pen and pencil, eraser, knife, stapler, markers and other accessories. That will let your desktop is tidy and well-arranged, you will have much space to do work.


2, VERSATILE ORGANIZER, this acrylic desktop organizer, you can use that to sort your pens or your children stationery. And you can put one on your dresser or washroom to store your makeup brushes, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, foundations and other cosmetic products. Your all beauty products have their own compartment, you can find and use them more comfortable, no need waste much time to find your hand cream from a mess drawer.


3, 360 DEGREE ROTATING, the acrylic desktop organizer has rotating base, you can access all stationery or brushes easily in any position. And the organizer is transparent all, we need to thanks to this design, because you can see and take the items that you need immediately from that transparent body.


4. GREAT GIF, this acrylic desktop organizer is a good organization and storage, it can keep your office, bathroom, dresser, bedroom tidy, clean, give you a neat and tidy and comfortable working and living environment. So if you are getting a headache of the gift for your family or friend, we trust our acrylic desktop organizer is a pretty gift idea, your family and friend will be surprised.


5, PREMIUM QUALITY IMPORTED ACRYLIC MATERIAL, this acrylic desktop organizer crafted with high quality cast acrylic material, our material is eco-friendly, with SGS certificate, so that is very safe for your children and family. Our picture shows the organizer is transparent, if you prefer other colors, like green, marble, glitter, pink, neon green, leopard, etc, that is ok, just offer your requirement, we have various acrylic color for your choice. If you want to mix 2 or more color in one organizer, that is available also.

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