Acrylic Hotel Acrylic Tissue Box

- Jul 03, 2018-

Product Detail

Product Description

1. Acrylic Tissue Box is plasticity and not easy broken. Compared with common glass and ordinary plastic products on the market, Acrylic Tissue Box has lots of advantages.
2. Acrylic Tissue Box has good light transmittance and strong fight. Compared with common plastic materials, the light transmittance of Acrylic is good. The light transmittance of transparent Acrylic is better than the glass, it can reach more than 92%. Compared with the glass materials, the advantages of Acrylic is outstanding, the strong fight is one of the advantages. It is said that some countries have legislation, windows are Acrylic instead of glass in the places of children activities, it is because the Acrylic is strong fight and not easy broken.
3. Acrylic Tissue Box is portable. The density of Acrylic materials is smaller than the glass. It is much lighter than the same volume materials.
4. Acrylic Tissue Box is environmental protection. The furniture made of Acrylic, it is not only elegant and durable, but also environmental protection.

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