acrylic makeup storage box

- Jul 11, 2018-

Why Choose Our Acrylic Makeup Storage Box?

1, PREMIUM CRYSTAL ACRYLIC, the acrylic makeup storage box is made of high quality crystal clear acrylic material, the high transparency appearance let you recognize the inside cosmetics easily, you do not need spend a lot of time to find your lipstick from various makeup products. If you put the storage box on your dressing table, it will be with dust or besmirch, you do not worry, it can be cleaned easily with water or wet cloth.


2, BEAUTIFUL PATTERN PRINTED, the acrylic makeup storage box 2 side with pattern printing, the pattern can be customized based on your need. And if you need our advice, our designer team will design the popular images for you, you can choose from the options. We will provide different style pattern printing to you, modern style, vintage style, pastoral style or street style. There are various and exquisite pattern for your choice.


3, ALL IN ONE, the acrylic makeup storage box size is 10W*7D*9.6H inches, the storage with 4 drawers, bottom drawer height is 3.54 inches, middle 2 drawers height is the same 2.4 inches, top tier is 1.26 inches. The different drawer height can sort different size cosmetics, your lipstick, nail polish, eyeshadow, powder puff, earring, rings, bangle and other accessories in that storage box. So when you make up, you just need open this storage box and complete dress. 

 Acrylic Makeup Storage Box (1).jpg

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