Cheap Acrylic Makeup Organizer

- Jul 11, 2018-

Why Choose Our Cheap Acrylic Makeup Organizer?

1, 4 DRAWERS & 16 GRIDS, this cheap acrylic makeup organizer has 2 set, bottom piece has 4 drawers, 1 large drawer and 2 small size drawers. The top piece has 16 grids, 1 large section, 3 middle size slots and 12 small grids. The top piece can be separable from the bottom, you can use it to store your cosmetics together, or use them separately.


2, MULTI-FUNCTION, the cheap acrylic makeup organizer top trays 12 small grids can be sorted your lipstick or nail polish, 3 middle size slots can hold your makeup brushes, eyebrow pencil, lip liner or other similar size products. The large size section, you can put your skin care or liquid foundation into it. The bottom 4 drawers, you can store your jewelries or office stationery. And each drawer comes with fabric, it can protect your precious jewelry from being scratched. And if you think you want to put it in your office, that is a good storage solution also. Because your office desk must be with a lot of documents, pen and pencil, stapler, sticky note and other letter. That will keep your all office stationery in one organizer, your table will be clean and well-arranged, you will get more room to work.


3, CHEAP, why we highly recommend this cheap acrylic makeup organizer, because if it compared with other handmade organizer, the price is very cheap. The same size and design, our this makeup organizer, you just need pay one third to buy. The means if the handmade makeup organizer price is USD15, our this cheap acrylic makeup organizer price is USD5, so the price with a big advantage. If you sell handmade organizer only, you must meet this kind of person that they complained why the price is so high. If you have our this organizer in handle also, you can recommend this item to them. That will help you win more customers and market. 

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