Cheap Clear Makeup Organizer

- Jul 13, 2018-

Why Choose Our Cheap Clear Makeup Organizer?

1, ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL, the cheap clear makeup organizer made of high quality acrylic material, stable chemical properties, non-toxic and tasteless. That will let you put 2 concerns aside, one is you do not need worry your baby will touch it, you will have more time to do other things instead of keeping eyes on your children. The other one is you do not need handle complex custom clearance, if the goods material is not eco-friendly, can not meet your country import regulations, it will be detained by the customs, you will spend a lot of time to deal with the shipping. Our this cheap clear makeup organizer will let you have no this worries.


2, 360 DEGREE ROTATING, this cheap clear makeup organizer with rotating base, you can rotate it in every direction. The other suppliers similar organizer rotating base just 6 bears, but we added 2, so it is 8 bears on the base. That will let the organizer more stable and ultra quiet when you rotate it. Your all cosmetics in this organizer, when you make up and you sit on the chair, you do not need stand up to access your lipstick, you just need to rotate it, all cosmetics will be accessed easily.


3, LARGE CAPACITY, this cheap clear makeup organizer has 2 removable drawers in the middle, each drawer with 2 detachable dividers, you can adjust the divider based on your skin care size. The top tray consist of 8 large grids and 18 small grids. That can be sorted for your lipstick, makeup brushes, nail polish, eyebrow pencil, lip liner and other similar size accessories. The bottom palette can be used for large size skin care products and cosmetics, like facial mask, liquid foundations, eye cream, etc, it can organize up to 200 beauty essentials. 

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