Clear Acrylic Makeup Storage

- Jul 04, 2018-

Why Choose Our Clear Acrylic Makeup Storage?

1, 7 COMPARTMENTS, this clear acrylic makeup storage overall dimension is 280W*140D*140H mm, 3 large compartments size is 140W*50D*140Hmm, that can hold large size skin care products and accessories. 2 small sections size is 70W*40D*60Hmm, it can sort your small size lipstick, nail polish and perfume bottles. The other 2 layer size is 140W*90D*70Hmm, there are perfect positions for your eyeshadow and pressed powder. You can use this storage to keep your cosmetics or daily necessities in one place to save much space for your home.


2, MULTI-PURPOSE TREASURE BOX, this clear acrylic makeup storage is multi-function. If you want to find a box to sort your beauty products, this storage is a good choice, it can hold your eyeshadow, makeup brushes, liquid foundations, eyelashes, nail polish, eyebrow pencil, lip liner and perfume. If your children’s desktop is chaotic and you can not find the ruler from a heap of stationery even, we think our this acrylic storage will help you to solve the problem and let your child to form a good habit of arranging. If the ruler, pen and pencil has their own space, the eraser, book sewer and correction liquid in one place, your note book, pencil sharpener in one compartment, your children will take the pen that they need easily and finish the home work soon. If your restaurant or coffee store seasoning bag, sugar bag, tissue or other accessories for each table is dispersed, you want to find a storage to sort it and let the table more tidy and clean, our this storage is a good choice.


3, STRONG AND DURABLE, our this clear acrylic makeup storage made of 4mm thickness high quality transparent acrylic material, the material has SGS certificate, nontoxic and eco-friendly, so even your baby touch it, that is safe. And even the storage size is not not large, we use the 4mm thickness material to make, that will let the makeup storage, no easy broken and you can use it for a long time. 

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