Cosmetic container volume exceeding 100 ml

- Jan 14, 2016-

Because of the hot weather, many passengers flying out of carry cosmetics, such as sunscreen, skin care products, but because they do not understand the provisions of articles carried by air passengers could not be through security. According to the regulation, sunscreen, skin care products for personal use, such as cosmetics, container volume must not exceed 100 ml and placed in separate bags, bottle for screening personnel checks. Special reminders are some passengers carry cosmetics, has already spent some, but the container volume of more than 100 ml, still on the security check. Therefore, passengers prior to cosmetic, placed in containers not exceeding 100 ml, easy security.

Meanwhile, accompanying infant passengers bring liquid dairy products, as well as the carrying liquid medicines required in patients with diabetes or other diseases (the best way to carry a prescription), after security check after making sure that no doubt, can be adequate to carry. According to the regulation, passengers on domestic flights will be allowed to carry liquids, but can be delivered. If they do need to carry beverages, large containers of liquid items such as cosmetics, need to placed in the baggage handling baggage in advance.

Recently, some travelers worried about into the demilitarized zone, not smoking, you tried to hide the lighters, matches or luggage. Security officials several times in the waist, sole and other hidden parts of the passengers found hidden fires. According to statistics, the Nanjing airport seized various types of fire more than 300 times a day.

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