Cosmetic packaging design highlights

- Jan 14, 2016-

Light: on the packaging highlight the personalization

Is the soul of the cosmetics industry innovations, Techpack company is a typical representative of the enterprise. Company near Paris to set up an Innovation Center, devoted to the research and development of new concepts and new product prototypes. Creative Director, Michel Limongi said, "we must absolutely avoid designing and production of packages already on the market. Women's cosmetics are often portable, not just at home, in the car or on the train. We have to be patient and communicate with many women, understanding their real needs. "

Light II: the application of advanced technologies

Looking for more effective decentralized system is one of the main methods to differentiate their products. Seaquist Closures in Italy held at Cosmoprof 2004 show, emphasizing its decentralized system of SimpliSqueeze valve. In the earliest case, only when the container is extrusion product will flow out. Original SimpliSqueeze is designed for soft drinks product design, but in other areas such as cosmetics are also widely accepted. Teraxyl toothpaste products have also used this CAP, just one hand can be used, not a mess.

Color III: vacuum packing quietly rising

As a product is closely related to the beauty industry, cosmetics packaging needs to be both protective and functional and decorative, and multi-layer plastics composite technologies has attracted attention. It enables multiple different kinds of plastic laminated together, forming any color and shape of the container. Of packaging can be isolated on the one hand, air performance enhancement; by blending different types of material on the other hand, in appearance on the amazing visuals and a unique texture.

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