Cosmetic packaging should also pay more attention to environmental issues

- Jan 14, 2016-

At present, major cosmetic brands, we can find plenty of sustainable packaging applications. Currently Herborist above 80% degradation products using recycled packaging, cartons all recycled paper manufacturing; FANCL uses recycled cartons and brochures, the container can be completely out of natural materials. Shiseido, DHC, Estee Lauder brand is to perform component lightweight, affordable replacements installed to support environmental protection, product and box sold separately, consumers used up directly with new cores can be used again.

Packaging printing and packaging Department of Wuhan University, an Associate Director of Ke Xianwen, sustainable packaging are mostly used for medical care, food, home appliances, product packaging, less used in cosmetics. Most brands use biodegradable recycled paper packaging, natural resins, or replace the packaging components, mostly from two aspects to consider: materials and structures. Sustainable packaging generally follow the "4R1D" principle: that it implement packaging reduction (Reduce), the packing should be easy to recycle and reuse (Recycle), energy regeneration (Recover), large containers to fill (Refill) and packaging waste degrades decay (Degradable). "Like can degradation of natural resin meet can degradation corruption, component replaced packaging is can recycling cycle using, different of content real on container of requirements the not same, so to for need packaging of products select different of way, due to cosmetics itself that is chemical products, for container of chemical stability, and physical properties, requirements high, and can continued packaging most used can completely decomposition of natural material, hard reached traditional container of physical, and chemical nature".

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