Cosmetics packaging materials procurement knowledge

- Jan 14, 2016-

Typically used for cosmetic containers wall thick cream bottles, bottle caps, bottle caps, head gaskets, pump, dust cover for injection molding; PET bottle blowing into two steps, tube embryos for injection molding, packaging for blowing bottles. Others, such as the wall a thin lotion bottle, wash bottles blowing.

PET material for eco-friendly materials, high barrier properties, lightweight, shatterproof properties and chemical resistance, transparency is extremely strong, Cheng Zhuguang, nonferrous metals, magnetic white and transparent, in gel water applications. Bottle generally standards 16#, 18#, 22#, 24#, and can be equipped with pump head.

Pressure acrylic material for injection bottle, anti-chemical sex poor, General cannot directly loaded cream body, needed distribution within bile barrier, filling easily too full, prevent cream body into to within bile and pressure acrylic bottle Zhijian, so as not to occurred cracked, transport among packaging requirements high, for designated injury Hou looks special obviously, permeability sex high, sense views Shang wall special thick, but price quite your.

AS, good ABS:AS transparency in ABS, and toughness.

Order for 10,000, custom color, magnetic white Scrubs and usually do primaries or Pearlescent effect powder, bottles and the cover is equipped with the same color, but sometimes because of the bottle and cap material are not the same, show color differences.

Screen printed with normal ink and UV ink, UV ink is better, shiny and three-dimensional, in production should begin making color, screen printing on different kinds of effects will vary.

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