Details the environmental application of cosmetics

- Jan 14, 2016-

BNT news in cosmetics such as the flood of today, many consumers choose what kind of product at a loss. Cosmetics development development technology, high-end cosmetics and cheap makeup the difference in efficacy gradually decreases. Therefore, the product performance has not only highlighted the difference.

Then beauty products bearing stage development of aesthetic and social significance. Cosmetics companies catering to consumers on the one hand to have beautiful containers makeup preferences, while guiding consumers eventually discarded containers, achieving recycling.

Are actively promoted in various fields of natural eco-friendly times, beauty is no exception. Next, you pick three even the empty bottles can be recycled environment cosmetics.

Brown bottle blocking the Sun, make the contents of the bottle does not oxidize. Therefore, if you want to block the Sun holding a bunch of flowers in a bottle, Brown cosmetic bottles as vases used would have been appropriate.

Brown bottle is an effective tool to modified plant, from the aesthetic point of view, Brown bottles and flowers and a unique sense of contrast, quiet sense of an object. If the bottle had also printed a few lines is extremely particular about the letters of the alphabet, from a design standpoint, the effect is doubled.

According to stated, AVEDA All Sensitive Body Formula is a bottle for a vase products. Although it is a famous stimulated skin soft, moist and effect of nursing products, however in the SNS and blogs are used as a bottle in the picture to make it known to more people.

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