Display stand attention problem

- May 21, 2018-

  what are the points to pay attention to when using organic glass display racks?

  the plexiglass display stand itself is colorless and transparent, giving the impression that it is very crystal clear, and its effect is very prominent when the product is displayed. therefore, many businesses will give priority to organic glass display racks when they choose display racks. the following is a detailed description of the points that need to be paid attention to when using the plexiglass display stand.


  first, after purchasing plexiglass display racks with manufacturers, we must not break the surface of the protective paper or protective film during the transportation process, and we must not directly die because the protective film is dirty. even if everyone drives a car, it will not be 100% guaranteed that the surface of the plexiglass display will not be scratched. therefore, when carrying out transportation, it is necessary to ensure that the protective film is intact.


 second, although the properties of the plexiglass display stand are very stable, in order to ensure that it will not be deformed, the plexiglass display stand must not be put together with other organic solvents, let alone the display stand organic solvents, i hope you pay special attention to this point.


third, in order to ensure that the plexiglass display shelf can be normally used for a long period of time, everyone needs to control the ambient temperature. if it is placed in a temperature range of 90° c. or higher, the plexiglass sheet can easily be softened or deformed. the temperature must be strictly controlled. the plexiglass display rack must be placed in an indoor environment below 85°c.


fourth, after the plexiglass display shelf is used for a period of time, it will inevitably cause some dust or stains on the surface. in order to ensure its smoothness and cleanliness, regular maintenance is required. use a soft cloth to pick up some soapy water and wipe it. do not wipe it too hard. compared with other display stands, its maintenance method is still very simple.


if you use plexiglass display racks, you can keep these points of attention in mind, then it will extend the shelf life to some extent. the use of plexiglass display stands for the display of merchandise can also enhance the quality of merchandise accordingly, so many businesses are very fond of acrylic products. if you want to customize acrylic, you may wish to consult the official website.

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