Elegant small cosmetic bottle dropper

- Jan 14, 2016-

What is a jar?

Mainly refers to the bottle opening is particularly large, directly with your fingers digging, found in creams, facial masks and your own wash-basin.

Some people would say: jar packaging is just "good", all the active ingredients will be allowed to lapse

Because jar visual effect is more atmospheric, luxury, so it is used in many brands of packaged, to enhance brand image, to paraphrase is to raise prices. Air and some of the effective components in particular antioxidants is invalidated, you also does not make sense. Fingers at the time of use, large area exposed to products products may also cause pollution. Do not use fingers to dig up the best bottles of skin care products, so as to avoid bacterial infections to the unused part of the bottle recommended digging stick or disposable cotton stick.

But others say: wide-mouth bottles is harmless, as long as it is filled with cream

Jar element may evaporate, big wide-mouth bottles apparently has his way, so expensive it is no joke! Antioxidants do not come into contact with air, light and heat. So antioxidants should be saved in a cool place with a closed bottle. However, even antioxidants exposed to air is not available, but invalid surface, deep component will still be valid. Cream's texture is relatively thick, fat composition, water evaporation is exposed to the air. Fat composition of block water evaporation, so you can use active ingredients lock in deep. Serum is easy to volatilize, isn't fit to jar.

Edit: I can't believe daily the most common jars were lead to a "war", since the jar is so vulnerable to pollution, digging stick also could not have escaped the AH! We do not live in a sterile environment, in fact with a digging stick and digging by hand is the same, provided that the guarantee the cleanliness of the digging tool and after each time you open the bottle, immediately at the fastest speed screw caps. Used carefully stored, you don't have to deny all jar.

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