How about the products that made of acrylic sheets

- Jan 03, 2018-

1. Unmatched outdoor weatherability, the panel coated with high uv absorber, and metal base spray imported paint, which can be durable and durable, lasting for 5~8 years.

2. Transparent transparent board is crystal clear and transparent, it is 200 times of glass product, there is almost no danger of fracture.

3. The surface gloss is high and smooth, and the light is 93 %, transparent, soft and bright.

4, there are transparent, translucent, white and other colors and different surface effect, adopt new polyester material, through hot forming or flat edge, metal palm built-in light source, visual impact.

5. Excellent processing performance;Hot shaping makes the visual effect prominent sign, the label processing is simple, the cost is reasonable.The process is exquisite, the whole font has the mirror effect, the base is unwrinkled, without seams, the riveting firmware is not exposed.

6. Green environmental protection and waste materials can be recycled completely.Good transmission performance, reduce the light source, save electricity, reduce the cost of use.

7. Excellent surface hardness and anti-scratch performance, the product has good protection for the built-in light source, and extended the service life of the light source product.

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