How should acrylic products be maintained?

- Jul 27, 2018-

How should acrylic products be maintained?

 Acrylic products have now entered millions of homes, and its many advantages, I have written a lot before, today will not repeat for everyone, know the usefulness and advantages of acrylic products, we also know that due to the characteristics of acrylic, the late stage of acrylic Maintenance is also very important, today I will tell you about how acrylic should be maintained.

1. The temperature of acrylic products should not exceed 90 degrees when used continuously, because the thermal deformation of ordinary acrylic sheets is stable at about 100 degrees, so avoid high-temperature deformation of acrylic.

2. Care should be taken to avoid scratching the surface during use or acrylic processing. The hardness of the surface of acrylic products is equivalent to aluminum, which is prone to scratches. If scratched, the original shiny surface can be restored by polishing.

3. Acrylic products that are slightly scratched or caused by electrostatic adsorption may be wiped clean with a soft rag with 1% soapy water.

4. Because the acrylic sheet has a certain expansion coefficient, the thermal expansion and contraction factors of the acrylic sheet must be taken into consideration during the installation. The space gap must be left in the assembly. This is the detail that needs to be noted during the assembly of acrylic products.

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