How to deal with acrylic plexiglass after aging

- Aug 31, 2018-

How to deal with acrylic plexiglass after aging

With the wide application of plexiglass (acrylic products), people began to realize that this new material brings us great convenience, enriches our life, and adds a beautiful color to our nighttime. However, due to the wide application of society, the social laws of the past tell us that when a thing develops rapidly and brings great development to the society, its harm is unprecedented. In addition, plexiglass (acrylic products) also has a certain service life. When it ages, it will inevitably bring some harm and garbage to the society.

Let's talk about how to deal with these at home and abroad:

One: separation and decomposition technology. For the time being, foreign technology is more mature in this respect, and the amount of resin added by plexiglass (acrylic products) can be utilized, as well as the melting point and softening point of the plexiglass (acrylic product), and the resin can be extracted by using the current technology. Perfect use, of course, will not harm the atmosphere and land resources. However, in the current domestic, manual selection methods are generally used, which has the problems of low precision, high cost, and low efficiency. After understanding this method, we should classify the plexiglass (acrylic products) in advance, so that the loss caused by the depreciation rate can be minimized, and the resources can be fully utilized.

Second: incineration, landfill. This can be said to be the most commonly used method in China. The above is widely used in foreign countries. It is not suitable in China, burning landfills, polluting the environment, and wasting land resources. Increase the cost of governance in the later stages of society. For this, how should we treat it and do a good job of sorting it? This is what we should do and what we should do.

Three: Crafts. Speaking of this may be a bit confusing, how can there be crafts, this is only among a small number of enthusiasts, they use a variety of handicrafts made of discarded plexiglass (acrylic products), very artistic, of course Not the most important thing, they end up expressing the rational use of aging, discarded plexiglass (acrylic products).

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