How to remove the smell inside the acrylic box

- Jun 28, 2018-

How to remove the smell inside the acrylic box?

Acrylic as a green non-toxic environmental protection material, itself is not of any taste, because the acrylic adhesive molding, so the smell on the finished product is a lot of smell of glue, there are many kinds of acrylic glue on the market, Example: no shadow glue, instant glue, epoxy glue, UV glue, polyurethane glue and so on. So how do you remove these glue smells?

The first move: cleaning! Clean thoroughly with water or detergent. (Other water can't, avoid causing the box to deform or yellow)

The second measure: Ventilation for 2-3 days, the covered product can be opened, placed in a ventilated place to dry!

The third measure: grapefruit skin odor! Ventilate 3-4 pieces of grapefruit skin into the box at the same time!

There are three tricks, glue smell run light!

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