How to solve the cracking of acrylic primer

- Jan 04, 2018-

Acrylic is a kind of common substrate, generally used in signs, billboards, light boxes, bath and other industries, automobile paint is most suitable for spraying on the acrylic substrate, due to the particularity of acrylic material, acrylic paint after prone to cracking, then acrylic substrate paint crack how to solve?

Acrylic is a kind of organic glass, the chemical name for poly (methyl methacrylate (mma), is a kind of polymer materials, general shape for the plastic and acrylic, acrylic has a very wide range of USES, such as signs, billboards, wei yu is more than the figure of acrylic.

Because acrylic has a certain flexibility, direct spraying paint will crack, the technical term "bite the bottom phenomenon".

Methods to prevent the occurrence of cracking acrylic substrate paint, actually very simple, only need special primer coating acrylic substrate, the market has been developed, the primer is in front of the spray paint is sprayed on the substrate, the main purpose is to increase the adhesion acrylic, then spraying car paint, so as to solve crack phenomenon appears after the spray paint, because car paint adhesion is better than ordinary industrial paint, acrylic primer spraying coating with special effect is best.

Acrylic substrate application dedicated a two-component acrylic dark gray primer, excellent construction performance and supporting a wide range of performance, satisfied customer for primer transparent acrylic transparent primer, the special requirements of substrate pervious to light, supporting effect is more car painting.

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