Makeup And Jewelry Organizer

- Jun 21, 2018-

Why Choose Our Makeup And Jewelry Organizer

1, MULTI-FUNCTION, this makeup and jewelry organizer consist of 5 drawers and 1 tray. The left side 5 drawers with clear triangle knobs, all drawers height is the same 40mm. The 5 drawers can store your nail polish, lip gloss, eyebrow pencil, makeup brushes, eyeshadow and other cosmetics products. The right side is sliding tray, that tray with 3 bar, each bar with 15 gear, it can hang your earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings and other jewelry. The makeup organizer and jewelry storage in one cube, when you make up, you just need to sit down front of your dresser, no need walk up and down in your room to find your foundations or necklace. That will help you save much time to make up.


2, PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL, the makeup and jewelry organizer made of high quality clear acrylic, the top and bottom piece, outside frame is 5mm thickness, the inner drawers and tray is 3mm thickness acrylic, that combination is very strong and durable, you do not need worry it will be broken easily. Our acrylic material is eco-friendly and superior, not like other ordinary plastic material, like PS, ABS will be yellowing. And our makeup and jewelry organizer material has SGS certificate, so even your country custom inspect the imported goods strictly, you do not need worry the goods will be detained since the material is environmentally inefficient.


3, RAPID PRODUCTION, this makeup and jewelry organizer, before mass order, if you want to order one or 2 samples to check and test first, for sample, production time 3 days. Maybe you wonder why the sample need 3 days to ready? Because we are direct factory, all products are customized based on our customers requirements, all designs we have no in stock. If you need 1 piece to see, we have to inform our sample making department to make, that is why the sample need 3 days to finish. For mass order, our this item MOQ is 100pcs, lead time is 10 days; 200pcs lead time is 12 days; 500pcs 15 days; 1000pcs 18 days. We can produce 20000pcs each month. We have 2 factories, 130 staff, so our efficient will meet you and your customers all needs. 

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