Rotating Cosmetic Organizer

- Jun 20, 2018-

Why Choose Our Rotating Cosmetic Organizer?

1, 360 ROTATING, this rotating cosmetic organizer with Swivel base, you can rotate it when you make up. The 360 degree rotating feature will let you get what you need easily, and you do not need waste much time to find the cosmetic products.


2, 6 GEAR HEIGHTS CAN BE ADJUSTED, the rotating cosmetic organizer has 4 trays, the trays are removable. 4 side for trays, each side with 6 gear, you can move the tray based on your different type beauty products or accessories. The adjustable space is 6.7 inches, that is good solution for sorting your high cosmetics bottles.


3, LARGE COMPACITY, the rotating cosmetic organizer is imagine having all your lipsticks, skincare, perfume, brushes, palettes, eyeliners, foundations and lip liner pencils all in separated compartment and you do not need to rack your brains where are the perfume or foundations. If you put that on your dresser, it will keep your all cosmetics in one place, your bedroom or bathroom will be tidy, clean and well-arranged.


4, SUPERIOR & DURABLE MATERIAL, the rotating cosmetic organizer made of superior and eco-friendly PS, the makeup holder looks more deluxe and exquisite than other normal storage. So the rotating cosmetic organizer is a good gift idea for your family and any holiday, you do not find a surprise off the top of your head, because this premium rotating makeup organizer will let your wife/girlfriend scream with excitement.


5, DISASSEMBLED, the rotating cosmetic organizer is disassembled, if you want to purchase that to sell online, that will give you an edge over your competitors. Because the flat pack will save much shipping space and shipping cost and the rotating cosmetic organizer will be not broken easily. And it is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. So that is a good storage solution for your cosmetics. 

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