Rotating Desk Organizer

- Jun 13, 2018-

Why Choose Our Rotating Desk Organizer


1, EASY ACCESS, the rotating desk organizer with a swiveling base, you can rotate it when you want to use your stationery. The rotating base made of high quality PVC material, so it will be revolved smoothly. The organizer middle cross dividers is higher than the 4 side, so you can rotate the dividers easily and access to your supplies.


2, 4 COMPARTMENTS, the rotating desk organizer was divided into equally 4 compartments. The organizer overall size is 150W*150D*175Hmm, so each compartment dimension is 75W*75D*175Hmm. You can store your all school supplies or other accessories perfectly.


3, PERFECT SIZE, as we mentioned above, the rotating desk organizer size is 150W*150D*175Hmm, that size is not large, you can put it on your bathroom to hold your brushes, or allow it to sit on your dresser to sort your makeup brushes, lipstick, eyebrow pencil or other beauty products. And if you run a restaurant or cafe, you can put the organizer on your coffee table as remote holder. Our this rotating desk organizer size is very suitable for any position, because it will not take up too much space to effect your working or life.


4, HOME DECORATION, the rotating desk organizer with many functions, you can use it to hold your cosmetics, stationery, toothbrush or others supplies. And the organizer 4 sides with gold dot printing, that let the organizer looks more elegant and exquisite. And the printing content can be customized, you just need send us your requirements, we would like to customize for you. If you put this organizer on your home, it can be used to store supplies, and it will keep your home decoration looking stylish and well-arrange.


Get your rotating desk organizer today!

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