Rotating Makeup Organizer

- Jun 21, 2018-

Why Choose Our Rotating Makeup Organizer

1, HEXAGON SHAPE, this rotating makeup organizer is not like other organizer is rectangle or round shape, it is hexagon, so it looks more stylish and modern. Because if your dresser or bathroom all storage is the same round shape, maybe you will think it is so boring, all is the same, nothing has changed. If this hexagon rotating makeup organizer with other storage on your bedroom, they match each other, that will be great.


2, ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT, this rotating makeup organizer overall dimension is 260W*260D*420Hmm, the middle is 4pcs circular tube to connect 3 trays as one organizer. The 4pcs tube can be disassembled, so you can adjust the height by add or reduce the circular tube quantity. If your astringent toner or foundation bottle is high, you can add one tube to assemble your organizer to fit it. If you just need the organizer sorting your small size nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow or other beauty organizer, you can reduce the tube quantity.


3, LARGE CAPACITY, the rotating makeup organizer with 3 trays, the bottom 2 trays size is the same 260W*260D*40Hmm, the top tray dimension is 220W*220D*40Hmm. The bottom tray with 3 large compartments, it can hold your daily skin care products, like facial cleanser, facial cream, mask, foundations. The middle tray is divided into 2 sections, each section size is large also, you can put large size cosmetics into it, like cleansing oil, liquid foundation, facial essence. The top tray has 15 small grids, it can organize your all nail polish, lipsticks, makeup brushes, eyelash trays, eyeshadow and other small size beauty products. So that large size rotating makeup organizer, if you put one in your home, it will let your dresser or bathroom more clean, tidy. You will get much space to arrange your other supplies.


4, BEST GIFT IDEA, this rotating makeup organizer is a good gift for any holiday, if your wife birthday is coming, you buy that for her, she will be very happy, because that rotating makeup organizer is beautiful, exquisite, the more important is practical. So any holiday gift idea will not let you get a headache, that is a good choice. 

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