Tinya Jewelry display cabinet factory popularize organic glass display cabinet how to clean!

- Jan 03, 2018-

With the widespread use of organic glass, the use of organic glass display cabinets is also becoming more and more extensive.While using, it usually ignores the maintenance of the display cabinet.If you want the organic glass display cabinet to be used while still keeping the bright luster, then certain maintenance and cleaning are necessary.The display cabinet should be cleaned regularly.Organic glass display case, as a kind of long time exposure to the display props in the air, the surface of the hard to avoid can have some stain and dirt, keep the most basic reveals ark luster is need to keep it clean.Regular cleaning can effectively maintain the gloss of the display cabinets.

  1. If you have stains that are more difficult to clean, choose a mild detergent.Gentle cleanser with water with soft cloth to wipe, can prevent the display cabinet surface causing harm, make the show shelf lose bright luster.

  2. After cleaning, you can choose the nursing agent appropriately.At present, there is display cabinet nursing spray wax and cleaning maintenance agent.

  3. Use these products occasionally to help maintain the gloss of acrylic and sheet.If you're afraid of the frame to use lead to tarnish after the time is too long, you can try, like a car wax evenly on the surface using soft cloth to wipe part liquid polishing wax, can protect the organic glass from the outside world.To do the above methods, the organic glass display cabinet can be more effective to keep the surface of the display surface smooth, and it can also remain glossy and bright.

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