Traditional packaging materials and containers are override is an inevitable trend

- Jan 14, 2016-

On behalf of biotechnology drugs to the world pharmaceutical development, latest technology in China's rapid development, commercially available in dozens of biotechnology drugs at the international level, our country has been able to produce nearly 20, annual production value of nearly 3 billion yuan. If genetic engineering vaccine of hepatitis b Antigen, genetically engineered human insulin, interferons, colony-stimulating factors, interleukins, erythropoietin and other.

With the rapid development of drug and cosmetic industry, glass bottles and plastic bottles will increase year by year. But glass bottles and plastic bottles in the relative proportions of the two applications in the industry will be reduced year by year, the main alternative packaging materials of plastic soft packing, aluminum-plastic composite foil packaging and packaging.

Since 2000, the national pharmaceutical production situation is very good, the pharmaceutical industry "quality, scale and level, improve economic efficiency" has been developed to a new stage. The pharmaceutical industry will continue to maintain two-digit growth, the industry profit growth up to about 11%.

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