Water muscle travel makeup Kit did you pick?

- Jan 14, 2016-

Mature muscle because of the skin's natural metabolism slows down and the hormone deficiency caused by ageing, autumn winter disproportionately maintenance key extract option. Currently ACE serum on the market in accordance with the different functions are fine distinction, such as specialized improve fine lines, against eye dry eye containing hyaluronic acid moisturizing cream, neck cream for neck wrinkles and so on, "a bottle of essence out into the world" it's time to upgrade.

Base makeup without WINS in sheer

Travel makeup there face like Shimmer Brick Compact, it may be free, fresh, thin makeup skin return character at the end of, full of natural charm, the secret of light, thin, transparent is essential. Want to keep the skin moist and dynamic, and cosmetics moist and fit healthy looking skin. The makeup, in order to solve the problem of dry skin, Hollywood Celebrity makeup artist Francesca Tolot recommended lotion used with liquid Foundation, to achieve the moisturizing effect. If skin has flaws or defects, you don't need to keep a thick Foundation to fill the whole face. Just apply a thin layer, and cover defective places a layer of Foundation.

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