What are the maintenance methods for acrylic boxes?

- May 23, 2018-

Now many industries will use acrylic products, especially organic glass display racks, which is the darling of many businesses. Although acrylic products are very easy to use, they can also be damaged if they are not taken care of. The following is a detailed introduction to the maintenance methods of the acrylic box by Tianya.

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First, if you have a certain understanding of the acrylic box, you should know that acrylic products will be deformed if placed in a temperature environment of about 70°C. If it is in an environment where its temperature reaches above 100 degrees Celsius, any acrylic product will soften. Therefore, when using acrylic boxes, it must not be placed in a high-temperature environment.


Second, when using acrylic boxes, everyone needs to take care of them so that they can effectively avoid scratches on their surfaces. If the surface of the box gathers some dust, everyone can clean it directly with clean water. If it is some oil, you need to use soapy water for cleaning, then wipe it clean with a clean soft cloth.


Third, the hardness of the acrylic box is not too different from the aluminum products, so it is very easy to scratch. When you use it, everyone needs to pay attention to this point. If you use for a long time, in order to ensure the gloss of the surface of the box, you can use the polishing wax to wipe, so that it can make the surface more smooth as new.


Fourth, if you accidentally scratch the surface of the acrylic box, but the scratches are not too obvious, you can use a toilet paper or a clean rag to take a small amount of toothpaste gently wipe. Of course, if there is polishing wax, then it's better. It's better to polish the scratched area directly.


These are the maintenance methods for acrylic boxes. If everyone can keep these methods in mind, the service life of the acrylic boxes used by everyone will be greatly extended. If you want to know about organic glass display racks, you can contact Tianya directly

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