What should I do if the acrylic display frame is scratched

- Sep 04, 2018-

What should I do if the acrylic display frame is scratched?

When the surface scratches are not too deep or not: In this case, the toothpaste is usually applied with a cotton cloth, and then the scratched area is repeatedly wiped. This removes scratches and restores the original color and transparency of the acrylic display stand.

Scratches with large surface area: When encountering such large surface scratches, you can use the Braun polishing machine to polish and polish. When polishing, you only need to wax the cloth and then polish it on the acrylic display. It can be recovered, this method is also a quicker method.

Deeper scratches: When encountering deeper scratches, use the finest sandpaper to drip the water, then smooth it around the scratches and scratches, and finally only use the Buren polishing machine. Polished and polished. It is important to note here that if the scratches are deep, then it is necessary to use a polishing machine to break the polishing multiple times, and the final polished surface may have pits.

It is very normal to have scratches on the acrylic display frame, because almost all acrylic products will have scratches. If you want to process the customized acrylic display frame without being scratched, it is recommended to choose anti-scratch acrylic. manufacture. It is also very important that the acrylic display of common materials pay special attention to transportation and use.

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