Why is acrylic the best material to make a plastic lamp box

- Jan 04, 2018-

In the night of the city, we are very easy to be attracted to a variety of colorful shiny outdoor advertising, it is to use the acrylic material, have very good product demonstration effect, it is the optical technology and digital printing technology with the combination of high-tech product, smart and yi yi is unripe brightness.

So why is yakeli the best material to make a plastic lamp box? First of all, we all know that molded acrylic sheet is mainly used for decoration, sculpture, handicraft production and other work, but the price is relatively high, relatively good performance so JiYaXing yakeli board is often used to make billboards, light box advertising, etc.

As a result, people tend to consider when making advertisements on the cost and quality problems, choosing the appropriate material means that reduces the cost and guarantee the quality of the blister light boxes and effect, so the acrylic plastic light box cloth is generally and PC board of all the materials to make the best effect, development prospect is also one of the best.

Second, using acrylic advertising light boxes, mechanical properties, which requires precise measuring plank to set aside enough scale allowance, the facade to withstand the wind load must be fully considered. In order to ensure the use of normal environment, it is necessary to consider the use condition under special circumstances. Before blister light boxes production design, production and technical personnel need to be demonstrated in detail on the material of the maximum temperature, compared with the ordinary material, acrylic has more excellent linear tension curve performance.

All in all, the acrylic lamp box has the characteristics of stable performance, beautiful appearance, good use effect and long service life. Of course, it has the same effect, although there are some differences between the process and the use of materials, but it is the most widely used in automobile sales business.

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