Why is the organic glass display stand so popular with cosmetics stores?

- Jan 03, 2018-

The people who often go to cosmetics store must notice a lot of cosmetics are used transparent,milky white,or black organic glass display rack to show cosmetics,thus the cosmetics industry so much love the organic glass display rack.As for why cosmetics stores are so keen on organic glass display shelves,you'll be rewarded for reading this article.

  1. Organic glass display rack is flexible.Organic glass temperature reaches 96 ℃ or so will be softening deformation, can give all sorts of modelling, hot bending and organic glass plate color, variety, such as organic glass processing into the show will be very fashion and beautiful, accord with the image of high-end cosmetics.

  2. Organic glass display rack will help promote brand awareness.For such as opal, olay, shiseido has chain stores in all major brands, using the unified design style of organic glass display more help product publicity show, more professional, more standardized.

  3. The plexiglass display rack is very appreciative.Can on organic glass display screen printing LOGO or advertising design, this helps to brand promotion, raise awareness, organic glass cosmetics exhibition frame can not only show the product, also can produce advertising effectiveness.Made from organic glass, display and display are the most basic functions of the organic glass display frame.

Of course, the organic glass display rack is not only used in cosmetics stores, such as jewelry stores, eyeglasses, clock stores, and large shopping malls.Dido organic glass factory specializes in the production of all kinds of organic glass display stand, organic glass handicraft, organic glass products.

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