9.97 Seconds! Xie Set A New Asian Record Of 100 Meters

- Jun 20, 2018-

9.97 seconds!Xie set a new Asian record of 100 meters


        Chinese man hundreds of meters player Xie Zhenye m. sur m race in France, with 9 seconds 97 (+ 0.9 m/s) man hundred meters champion, twice the results exceeded Su Bing add 2015 season ran out of the 9 seconds 99, and tong last year auspicious show ran out of the 9 seconds 98, in the country to become Asia's fastest local concentration and the yellow race record.The result also set a new national record for the men's 100m and is now tied for ninth place in the world

       This is Xie Zhenye third in the 2018 season games men's 100 meters race, his biggest rival is shinco commonwealth games champion, South Africa, 24, air Jordan's guest, in the commonwealth games to win 10 seconds 03 South Africa air before the game was seen as Xie Zhenye to PK's biggest rival.

       The strong enemy returns to the strong enemy, but when he has the strength, there is nothing to fear. This is the attitude of xie zhenye at the 100 meter race at montreux.Being in the first place, such a marginal track, will not affect the outbreak of xie zhenye.

        After the shots, startup good Xie Zhenye press forward, while the lens is always aim at the track in the middle of the South African star and two French players, but in the first track Xie Zhenye basically established himself after the second half of the lead, who always keeps his speed and in the second half to the first place.

       Among the other runners, South Africa's simpin finished second in 10.04 seconds, while Brazil's Paul Andre Camilo DE Oliveira finished third in 10.10 seconds.Lemet christophe, 28, a French airman who set pb9.92, finished sixth in 10.17 seconds.Everyone else was the backdrop to xie's death.

After crossing the line, xie zhenye has been waiting for confirmation of his results, but nothing can disguise his championship appearance.

The rest have come forward to embrace, and Xie also finally to smile on the face, hands on camera a thumbs-up proud of yourself, this time not only is he proud of, is also the Chinese track and field, and even the yellow race and a proud moment

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