A Brief Introduction Of Myself

- Mar 27, 2018-

A Brief Introduction Of Myself

  Hello, everyone. My name is Amy. I have been here for a month. My current position is foreign trade salesman, mainly responsible for the development of customers, for the company for more orders.

        The nest in life is a bit lazy person, the weekend is usually stay at home on the Internet or watch a movie, I also like to sing, although I sing not very good. I also love food, especially desserts and meat. Every time I go shopping with my friends, I buy milk tea or chicken wings.

        At work, I am responsible, and every time I have handing over the task successfully. I am also very modest and studious, where I do not understand , I always immediately ask for advice for the company's seniors to consult. I am also very polite, and treat everyone very friendly and generous, so I can get along very well with my colleagues in a short time.

        Speaking of my character, I am a patient heart, not easily angry. I am also very positive and optimistic. I can always look on the bright side when encountering problems, and I will not easily fall into the mood of sadness. I am willing to help others, as long as I can do it, generally I will not refuse other people's request.

       All right, this is the end of today's introduction. I believe that you have a preliminary understanding of me and hope that we can become good friends.

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