A Brief Introduction Of Xie Xiaofei

- Dec 19, 2016-

A Brief Introduction of Xie Xiaofei

Last time I introduced Huang Yaohui. You already know him?

This time Ill introduce Xie Xiaofei to you.

Xiaofei is a mature man. he has been in our company for 6 years, having rich experience in acrylic industry. Like Mr Huang, he is also a domestic trade sales.

He is responsible for his work. With his good attitude and service, there are lots of new and old customers would like to have a long term business relationship with his.

Sometimes there are too many orders lining up. Production department have no time to make his goods, but customers need the goods urgently. In that case, he’ll make the goods himself. The quality of the goods he made himself is also very good.

In life, his words are not many but stunned. He love to eat melon seeds very much. He is very fond of helping others and gets along well with others.

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