A Customer Visited Our Factory

- Dec 07, 2016-

Our a France customer placed an order, 500pcs acrylic jewelry bracelet display stand. The sample, we made 3 times, because the customer have no idea what size is ok for him. We produced 3 size dislay sample for him to choose. About 10 days, he confirmed all details, including acrylic bracelet dislay stand size, color, logo, gluing method, C rings and so on. 

After he paied the 500pcs jewelry display stand deposit, he asked us to make a pre-production sample for him to check, because he said that order is very important for him, can not be with any mistake. We remade a new sample for him, and he delivered that sample to him customer to confirm. That process taked 8 days. 

Yesterday we finished the display cutting material and logo gold stamp, he and his assistant came to our factory, and started his first check. They spent about 2 hours to checking 500pcs dislay logo, the result is good, no any problems. And he said he will come to check 2 times later. After we glued the display, he need to check the gluing joint. Before shipping, he need to check all goods.

Hope the future 2 checking without any problems, we will pay more attention on this order, and provide high quality goods to our customers.

1,Trip Tier Countertop Clear Acrylic Jewelry Necklace Bangle Bracelet Organizer Holder Display Stand

2,Acrylic Bracelet Display Stand

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