A Email From Our Customer

- Nov 29, 2016-

20th,Aug,2016, I got a rotating lipstick display tower and acrylic makeup organizer drawer from a united states customer, she need urgently, because she sent me 2 email in a short time. I replied her soon. She told us the truth, she had a cooperative supplier in China, they worked a long time. But her latest 2 order with many problems, the material thickness, display size, and material quality is wrong. She wanted to negotiate with her supplier, but they do not want to remake for the client, and asked her to accept everything. But the client final customer refused that. So she stick to finding another professional factory. She visited our website and wanted to work with us. 

We confirmed all details by 4 email, she ordered a 4 drawer acrylic cosmetic organizer display, becuase she want to check and test first. The sample we finished within 3 days. Before shipping, we took detailed pictures to her to confirm, she said she like the sample so much, and cant wait to see it. 

We kept checking the shipping information on website, she received the sample after 5 days. We sent her 2 email to asked the sample condition, but no reply. We resent other 2 emails after one week, no response still. We thought maybe she choose to work with her original supplier still. 

Today I got her email, and she said sorry the delay reply. And she want to order other displays also, that is so grateful.

Transparent Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer Display Clear Plexiglass Makeup Storage Drawer With Flip Top

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