A Good News From Our Customer

- Oct 18, 2016-

 Our this customer from UK, she does business online, she sales many products, acrylic lipstick organizer, acrylic cosmetic organizer, nail polish display and so on. One day she sent me message on Alibaba, and said she were interested with our acrylic makeup organizer, and need 200pcs, but she has a high requirements about the products. Since she had a supplier before, first the goods quality is ok, but the last 2 order, the display with some problems, so she wanted to change supplier. She said the first order is 200pcs, that is just to test first, if her clients like it, she will order more. We reported that thing to our production department, they said they would put more eye on this order. We finished the goods within 15 days, the production time, customer think it is fast. After she got the goods, she said it is very good, and she got good response from her clients. Today we got her email, she said she need 500pcs acrylic cosmetic drawer organizer more for Christmas promotion, that is really a good new.

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