Acrylic Glasses Display Rack

- Mar 19, 2018-

Acrylic glasses display rack

     We have three laters on the display rack,so you can display three different glasses at once.There is room at the top of the shelf for some brochures or product brochures.It can be said that the product design is very practical.

     Our products use high quality  acrylic as the raw material.Very durable,and very bright,the surface is not easy to acratch.If you do not like transparent color,we can also make other colors according to your requirements.The dimensions can also be determined by yourself,we can also print your logo.

     If you look closely,you will find that many eyeglasses have used acrylic display frames,which is bacause the acrylic products have a very important advantage,especially environmental protection.We should protect the environment well, so we should use more environmentally friendly products like acrylic.

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