Acrylic Is Everywhere

- Mar 17, 2018-

Acrylic is everywhere 

    After work last night,I went out for dinner with my colleagues.When we arrived at the restaurant,we found acrylic products inside.For example,the menu display stand is made of acrylic ,and the  chopsticks barrel and the chair are all acrylic products.

    We all feel very happy,because acrylic products are really reliable products.Our slogan and idea is that acrylic makes life better.I hope our company can get better and better,and we hope more and more people will support yakeli.

    In fact,if you look closely,you 'll find that it's not just restaurants,but acrylic products are used in many other places.For example ,hotels,KTV,stationery stores,mobile phone stores,offices and our own  homes.Therefore,acrylic has a very good prospect.

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