Acrylic Knowledge

- May 14, 2018-

Characteristics of raw material of three process characteristics:

Colorless, transparent, light transmittance was 90% - 92%, high tenacity, more than 10 times larger than the silicon glass Optical properties insulation processability and weatherability preferred dissolved carbon tetrachloride benzene toluene dichloroethane chloroform and acetone and other organic solvents Has high transparency and brightness, good heat resistance, and has the tenacity, qualitative hard, rigid, heat deformation temperature of 80, the bending strength of 110 mpa density of 1.14 1.14 g/cc, deformation temperature 76-116, molding shrinkage rate of 0.2 0.8% linear expansion coefficient of 0.000050.00009/, thermal deformation temperature 68--69 (74--107)


it  is made of new polyester material, after hot forming or flat edge, metal palm built-in light source, highly visual impact Hou resistance: panel coated with high concentration of uv absorber, metal base spraying paint imported cars, insurable weather for a long time, never fade, use fixed number of year for up to 5 ~ 8 years durability: products for the built-in light source has a good protection, prolong the service life of the light source products rationality: reasonable design, rain moisture;Open structure, easy to maintenance and resistance to impact, is 200 times that of glass products, almost no risk of fracture Excellent transmission of light: as high as 93%, pervious to light The light is downy bright is dazzing Flame resistance, flame retardant, away from the fire could continue to burn after the beautiful sex, exquisite craft, the font is mirror effect, and the base with no fold, no juncture, all riveting firmware exposed energy-saving sex: not pervious to light performance is good, less light source products, save energy, reduce the cost

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