Acrylic Material Features

- Jun 07, 2018-

1, unparalleled outdoor weather resistance, panel coating high concentration ultraviolet absorbents, metal base spray imported car paint, can be guaranteed long lasting, no fading, service life for up to 5-8 years.

2. Transparent boards are crystal clear and transparent. They are 200 times as large as glass products. There is almost no danger of breakage.

3, the surface gloss is high, smooth and smooth, and the transmittance is as high as 93%.

4, with transparent, semitransparent, milky white and various colors and different surface effects, using a new type of polyester material, through the hot curved molding or plane edge, metal base built-in light source, extremely visual impact.

5, the processing performance is good; thermoforming makes visually prominent signs and labels, processing is simple, and the cost is reasonable. The technology is exquisite, the full font is mirror effect, the base has no wrinkles, no joints, and all riveting parts are not exposed.

6, green environmental protection, waste materials can be thoroughly recovered, recycling and easy to use. The light transmittance is good, and the light source product can be reduced, electricity and electricity consumption reduced, and the cost of use reduced.

7. Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance. The product has good protection for built-in light source and extends the service life of light source products.

8, good chemical resistance, better than most other plastic materials.

9, easy to clean, maintain, ensure signs and light boxes look like new year round, rational design, rain and moisture proof, open structure, easy to maintain.

10, combustibility: no spontaneous combustion and self extinguishing.

Below is our acrylic desktop organizer, it has above all advantages, if you like it, please contact us freely. 

Acrylic Desktop Organizer (1).jpg

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