High Quality Acrylic Products

- May 15, 2018-

Acrylic products refer to craftwork or consumer goods made of acrylic materials according to their good characteristics. As acrylic products have the advantages of high transparency, low price and easy to machine processing, acrylic products are widely used, and acrylic products can be seen everywhere in our life.

Acrylic has high transparency, transmittance of 92%, and has the reputation of "plastic crystal". And it has excellent weather resistance, especially in outdoor, acrylic products in other plastic crown, with a good surface hardness and gloss, processing plasticity, can be made into various required shapes and products. Another kind of board is a wide variety of colors (including translucent color boards), and another feature is that thick plates still maintain high transparency.

Our 5 drawers acrylic makeup organizer made of high transparency--plastic crystal, if you are interested int it, please kindly contact us feel free.

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