Acrylic Products

- Sep 09, 2016-

  After graduation, I come to Shenzhen Tinya Plastic Products Co.,Ltd to work. To be a salesman. First of all, I need some time to get to know the main products of our company. After a period of study, I know that our company is mainly of acrylic products.


  What is the acrylic? Acrylic also named PMMA, organic glass, plexiglass or lucite. Its a kind of important material. Acrylic is widely used, not only in business, light industry, construction, chemical industry etc. And also widely used in advertisement, such as sighs, advertising board, panel of light box and letters. Also acrylic makeup display, jewelry storage box, photo studio box, electronic cigarette display , fish tank etc. Depending on the style or design. Choose and most suitable material. Different style, use different acrylic, color and grade.


  I know the acrylic products and like it. I can introduce our products and give some suggestions to our clients. It is a wonderful something.

Acrylic Nail Polish Organizer

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