Acrylic Products Process

- Jun 12, 2018-


Laser cutting is a kind of non contact cutting method, the laser can cut all kinds of patterns, words and so on. Technology is the energy released by laser beam to acrylic surface to melt the acrylic plate. The laser cutting method can accurately cut the complex shape material. The cutting material needs only polishing treatment. [2]


Drilling holes: determine the location of acrylic according to the location of the drawings, then punch holes.

CNC punching: it is very convenient to punch a hole with a machine. We only need to use the size of the drawing on the computer to put the map on the computer to the CNC machine, and the machine will work automatically.


Customers need high quality requirements for products to be polished. This process is achieved through traditional polishing and cloth polishing.

The polishing methods are as follows: 1. traditional cloth wheel polishing, 2. fire polishing, 3. diamond polishing.

Hot bending

The hot bending of acrylic can be realized by several different methods. At the same time, many acrylic sheets can be placed on a set of hot bending machine and set mould for hot bending. Most of the thermal bending is only the thermal bending of single or parallel lines. The angle of hot bending can be controlled according to the mold.


Bonding is a very demanding process, not only to position the product, but also to ensure the firmness of the product.


Assembly without speaking is a combination of multiple parts and a complete product. The final product quality is checked, and the product is packaged and manufactured after the confirmation is correct.

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Rotating Desk Organizer (1).jpg

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