Acrylic Rotating Makeup Organizer

- Nov 09, 2016-

Hello, everyone. Today I want to introduce our hot sale products-- acrylic rotating makeup organizer. It’s the round shape. It has 3 part. The top depart, It can be show 22 nail polish bottle. 3 brush holder, and 6 small compartment. This top depart is by mould. And the middle part. It has composed of 4 acrylic sheet, cross each other and form four compartments. These compantment can put facial cleanser, water miscible liquid and so on. The large bottle can be put in it. The bottom part, It is rotating base. 360 degree rotating.The color is white, clear, black, green, pink and customized color. 


We can put the acrylic rotating makeup organizer in our bedroom and bathroom, It looks more cleaner and beautiful. Do you like it?



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