Acrylic Storage Box

- Dec 06, 2016-

Hello, I am Cherry. Today, I want to introduce to you our acrylic storage box. You see the pictures, it looks very nice, right? Haha!


The acrylic storage box is has 3 part, 2 makeup drawers, 1 tissue box, 3 brush holder. You can put the nail polish, lipsticks, powder, essential oil, perfume, brush in it. It can let your all makeup into same display, So it looks like clean and tidy. How do you think?


The acrylic storage box material is acrylic, thickness 3mm. black colour. Do you like it? If not, we have other thickness, colour, we can according to your requirements to customize it. It also has a great design, when you clean it, you can take out the tissue box, so you can easy to clean.


Do you like the acrylic storage box?


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