Adversity Leads To Success

- Mar 27, 2018-

Adversity Leads to Success

      An ancient greek philosopher once said that adversity breeds success.Everyone will encounter adversity since life is never all plain sailing .However,just as the remark above says'difficult circumstance serve as a textbook of life for people'.This remark aims at informing us of the significance of adversity which is conducive to our growth and maturity.

       People oftens say that failure is the mother of success.The process of growing up is not always enjoyable ,but we can get some helpful experience from adversity.Therefore,adversity is the stepping stone leading up to the peak where success lies.Furthmore,when coming across adversity ,we should not regard it as an obstacle to success;Instead ,we mignt as well as envision it as a precious chance to improve ourselves,and  fight against it bravely.

        As a college student,I'm firmly convinced that at no time should we underestimate the power of adversity.We should take a positive attitude  to adversity and keep on working  hard so as to meet with the final success of our study and career.

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