Adversity Often Leads To Properity

- Apr 09, 2018-

Adversity Often Leads to Properity

       Life is always a mixture of sadness and happiness .When confronted with adverdity ,some people sink while others overcome it with contact painstaking struggle .The latter will henceforth have intense passion and tremendous determination to overcome any difficulty on their way to prosperity.

       Jiacheng Lee is a good case in point to illustrate that adversity often leads to prosperity.Lee,who is saild to be the wealthiest person in china.Had suffered a lot before he made his fortune he says his success grows from the fertzle soil of adversity in his early years.On the contrary,those who haven't experienced adversity are to some extent content with the present life ,and they aren't determined to break up these pleasant days to venture into some unknown fileds .Therefore,most of them conldn't bring their potential into full play.actually ,life is just like a spring yhe heavier you push it.the higher it will jump.

        In adevrsity,while pessimists think it comes to the end of the world .Optimists remain cheerful .We should remember that adversity reveals genius and fortune conceals it,which will give us some encouragement when we re in trouble.

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